Task 2011 - 2012

The task consisted of finding ideas and developing a concept that makes the kitchen the center of life. Necessary additional, extension and modification elements are to be developed and adapted.

The focus is on the integration of innovative technologies and materials in the kitchen, taking into account the expected psychological and social behavior of people.

The student concepts

1. 1st place: Pensilis Rotanda

Everything seems to be in motion, fits together from all sides to form a changeable picture, hangs from the ceiling, appears to float and yet remains a kitchen, becomes a pleasure to play with and conveys liveliness. Technology, storage space, lighting and a functional kitchen mobile - balanced in every respect.

2nd place: Trick

Dreaming allowed - Melisande Seebald's "Lümmelhöhle" is what the alcoves on farms were until the beginning of the 20th century. Not as a place to sleep, however, but as a place of inspiration for those who think ahead and reflect. So it's hardly surprising that the heart of the kitchen becomes a cooking zone sculpture to put the art of cooking in the right (changeable) light.

3rd place: cantilever chair

Cooking-living symbiosis - Philipp Körner concentrates kitchen and living into a multi-purpose object on a concentrated surface. with a swivel, the kitchen becomes a communication center. Design, technology and the desire to cook create an ensemble - freely curved.


Coburg University of Applied Sciences, Department of Interior Design, Professor Rudolf Schricker