Living in a terraced house

Task 2011 - 2013

How interesting is the mass market in residential architecture really? The foundation's study shows that individual living is preferred in Germany. At the top of the consumer's wish list is the kitchen. With a total housing stock of 39.5 million, spread over just under 18 million buildings, 83% of homes are detached and semi-detached houses.

The existing terraced house floor plans are broken up, taking into account minimal spatial conversion measures (demolition and/or relocation of existing interior walls). Planning the kitchen and living area as an interior design unit that meets today's comfort requirements in terms of design and function as a variable example of the modernization of terraced houses built between 1960 and 2000. Functional, emotional and social optimization as an overall concept should make the project guiding principle "The kitchen at the center of life" clearly recognizable.

Examination of the mostly identical floor plans of the terraced houses of the 80s and 90s with regard to modern living requirements and adaptation to the living needs of today's society by combining cooking, eating and living. Accompanying seminars on modular construction and kitchen planning, visits to practical partners and support from kitchen specialists created the conditions for the necessary practical relevance. Working with experienced practitioners made it possible to experience first-hand how to deal with technical specifications and constraints.


Wismar University of Applied Sciences, Interior Architecture Professor Achim Hack and Design Professor Volker Zölch

Coburg University of Applied Sciences, Interior Architecture, Professor Rudolf Schricker