Creative marketing concepts

At area30 in fall 2021, DER KREIS ANJA SCHAIBLE STIFTUNG awarded prizes to three winning works from the "Kochen.Leben.Stories" project, which were exhibited as prototypes designed by students from the TH OWL Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Design. The students' task was to develop sustainable living and cooking spaces in the context of current challenges such as sustainability, social justice and housing shortages. The design of the "Storyteller" - one of the three winning projects - is so realistic that a contemporary marketing and sales concept was to be created for it with a view to a potential market launch. The charm and strength of this storyteller's kitchen lies in its individuality and its connection to the place where it is used, thanks to regional, sustainable materials and the resulting growing bond between the future user and this inheritable piece of furniture.

Thirteen highly motivated students from the Hochschule für Kommunikation + Gestaltung (HfK+G) Stuttgart then developed a wide variety of concepts in three independent groups and presented their remarkable designs in mid-July at the DER KREIS group headquarters in Leonberg - and impressed the entire foundation team and the jury.

The presentations of the marketing concepts, which had been extensively researched with well-founded arguments, were very creative and in some cases emotionally moving. In addition to alternative product titles, even trade fair stands were designed and specially shot film sequences and brochures were presented.

The evaluation criteria were jointly defined and a matrix made it easier for the 15-member jury to determine an objective result. The top-class team of judges included Heidrun Brinkmeyer (Ballerina), Helmut Noll (Electrolux AEG), Dr. Hermann Buschermöhle (Kesseböhmer), Marc Linker, Frank Pohl (both SHD), Marie Seliger (Geschichtenerzähler), Prof. Dr. Thomas Thudium, Prof. Harald Strauß, Prof. Oliver Kempfer, Prof. Jutta Frank (all HfK+G), Prof. Sandra Bruns (TH OWL) as well as representatives of DER KREIS, the foundation plus kitchen specialists.

The judging process with comprehensive discussion took place without the students. The winner was the "Urban Nomad" project (Selina Frank, Ewald Litke, Claire Petit, Lara Tomruk, Julia Winter). Its leitmotif - "When kitchens become companions" - evokes an apt association through the new name "Urban Nomad". The holistically thought-out marketing concept with sound and film sequences, a trade fair stand design and a social media presence impressed the jury, as did the professional nature of the presentation.

The creative, young Bachelor graduates of the HfK+G were honored at the DER KREIS congress in Kassel. They also received a certificate of participation and staggered prize money according to their respective placings. In addition, a grant will flow into the university's coffers.



Hochschule für Kommunikation + Gestaltung (HfK+G), Stuttgart

Professors: Prof. Dr. Thomas Thudium,
Prof. Harald Strauß, Prof. Oliver Kempfer, Prof. Jutta Frank

Industry partners / kitchen specialists: AEG, Ballerina Küchen, Gambow & Widmer, Kesseböhmer, SHD