change'in kitchen sales

Foundation project 2023/24 - Phase 1 completed

The official kick-off for the 2023 summer semester entitled "change'in kitchen sales" took place on April 5, 2023. Accompanied by active industry partners and service providers such as AEG, Ballerina, Hettich, Kesseböhmer and SHD, students from the Stuttgart University of Communication + Design (HfK+G) (marketing & communication), Wismar University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Design (interior design) and the Cologne Furniture College (MöFa) (business, focus on kitchens) were to work together on the following task:

"What will future-oriented and creative concepts for planning, consulting and sales of kitchens look like in 2030?". On June 13, 2023, the results were presented by the students to the foundation team (consisting of industry and service partners, kitchen specialists, DER KREIS experts and professors) in Leonberg in a very clear and professional manner. 38 students from the three universities took part in this project and worked intensively in five groups.

Five very different presentations with a lot of potential and great ideas were presented. An evaluation matrix with nine different criteria, including the handling of digitalization, originality, innovation and practical relevance, made it easier for the 17-member jury to generate an objective result and filter out the highlights - such as the kitchen laboratory, 3D printed kitchen model, customer journey, creation of a website - from all the work.

The concept phase has been completed and the second project phase has now begun for the universities and the foundation team to implement these highlights in an attractive way for the trade fair presentation.

The jury is made up of the following people: Heidrun Brinkmeyer, Ballerina; Dr. Hermann Buschermöhle, Kesseböhmer; Eva Dornieden, DER KREIS; Sabine Gantzkow, MöFa; Prof. Achim Hack, HS Wismar; Antje Kauper, Foundation; Elke Meyer, Hettich; Dieter Müller; Helmut Noll, Electrolux; Klaus Speck, Euroteam; Jan Schreckenberg, kitchen specialists Schreckenberg; Frank Schulte, Electrolux; Monika Slomski, interior designer; Prof. Dr. Thomas Thudium, Hesseböhmer; Prof. Dr. Thomas Thudium, Hesseböhmer. Dr. Thomas Thudium, HfK+G Stuttgart; Prof. Dr. Harald Strauß, HfK+G Stuttgart; Philipp Stopka, MöFa; Steffen Widmer, Grambow & Widmer


Hochschule für Kommunikation + Gestaltung (HfK+G), Stuttgart,
Professors: Prof. Dr. Thomas Thudium,
Prof. Harald Strauß, Prof. Oliver Kempfer,
Prof. Jutta Frank