Task 2011 - 2012

Ernst-Martin Schaible posed this question to the President of the "Association of German Interior Designers", Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Schricker. In order to find the right answer, the 4th semester of the interior design course at Coburg University of Applied Sciences in Leonberg first held a brainstorming session.

The fact that the Coburg students not only have new bathroom dreams, but also presented bathroom ideas from their very own perspective in Coburg just 6 weeks later, shows the enthusiasm with which the topic was received. 61 ideas - crazy, dreamy, visionary, futuristic - were presented by 52 students in the university auditorium:


The student concepts

Two Elements

Who hasn't seen them: air locks at the entrance to larger buildings. They prevent heat from escaping from the building. With Two Elements, an airflow directed from top to bottom is used as a shower curtain. The warm air flow exits from a ring on the ceiling and is sucked in by a ring on the floor. Water droplets that get caught in the air flow are directed downwards.

As there are no stable walls, the controls for water temperature and water volume are located inside the ring on the floor and are operated with the feet. The air curtain can also be used as a full-body hairdryer and prevents water vapor from escaping.


Coburg University of Applied Sciences,
Interior Design, Professor Rudolf Schricker